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Design Your Home to Improve Your Lifestyle

Home designs can reflect our personality and lifestyle in so many ways. We are a product not only of the people we surround ourselves with, but of the spaces that surround us too. Regardless of where you spend your days, your home is at the heart of your life. Here are a few ways you can re-design your home to improve your lifestyle and create peace of mind.

Accessories Make a Difference

10 Ridge Rd Newport, RI 02840 | $4,490,000

You can easily create a harmonious space for yourself by adding a few select accessories and placing them in the right area. For example, you could add more reflective surfaces to extend natural light to your room. Use aromatic diffusers to create a warm scented atmosphere to bring positive associations to your space. Careful planning and thoughtful palettes add a sense of meditation to the room.

Create a Sanctuary

168 Newman Ave Seekonk, MA 02771| $419,900

Did you know you can escape without traveling? The home can provide that much-needed retreat. Privacy and a change of scenery are paramount when getting away from it all. Choose one room in the house that you tend to spend the most time in and turn it into your vision of an escape. Whether it’s a personal library with floor-to-ceiling shelving and a cozy a reading nook, a cafe-style spot in the kitchen, or a bathroom turned spa sanctuary with the addition of a steam shower and tropical plants.

Find a New Perspective

175 Arnolds Neck Dr Warwick, RI 02886

Take a look at your living room. Do you like what you see? If you don’t, shake off stagnation with some easy remodels. Refinish worn surfaces and revive palettes with a hit of color. That might mean swapping out white subway tiles for a brass backsplash or letting go of heirloom furniture to make way for contemporary pieces. Pillow and rugs can offer an instant face lift and bold colored walls can serve to create a comforting atmosphere.

Creative Spaces

196 Sea Meadow Dr Portsmouth, RI 02871

Whether you’re interested in painting, writing, or reading, everyone deserves a creative space.   Instead of heading to your local coffee shop or a park downtown, why not transform an area of your home into a creative space? Consider durable surfaces, soundproofing, directional lighting and scale to really bring your creative juices to life.

Create Consistency

208 Nate Whipple Hwy Cumberland, RI 02864

Be consistent when creating spaces in your home. Maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle is very important. If you tend to skip the gym, create a space filled with equipment so it will make it easier to complete your goals. Having access to everything you need in your home will set you up for great success. Find a space for resting and recovery, a fitness area or even indulge in some home technologies. Keep excuses out of the equation by setting your home up so you can access everything you might need.

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