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Is Your Home Walk-Through Ready?

Your first walkthrough or showing of your home when it is on the market is extremely important – it is the moment where someone can instantly fall in love with our home and put an offer down, or the moment where someone can immediately turn around. There are several tips on making sure that your home is ready for its’ first walk-through, here are a few.

First, make sure that the exterior of your home looks clean and up-to-date. Your front yard and overall exterior of the home will be the first thing that potential buyers will lay eyes on when they arrive. Make sure that your house paint is freshly coated, shutters on windows are intact and your landscaping is clean cut.

Next, be aware of any clutter in your home. The interior of your home should be neat and organized, allowing for potential buyers to really capture what each room looks like. Make sure that everything in your home is clean, especially the kitchen and bathroom(s).

Be sure to also check for damage, especially on the floors. Make sure that there are no large scratches or cracks on any wooden floors, and that all carpets are looking fresh and clean with no stains on them. Additionally, make sure that all of your windows are damage-free and are functioning correctly. You want to make sure that there will be little to no improvements the potential buyer will need to make upon moving in.

Lastly, make sure that your home has an overall good temperature and odor. You want people to feel a warm welcome right when they enter the home, and you want your home to look and feel like it is completely ready to move into. By making sure that everything is spruced up to the best of your ability, you will allow for potential buyers to truly picture themselves creating a life in your home!

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