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Key Features of an Attractive Outdoor Space

5 Features to Include in Your Outdoor Space

Fire, water and earth are essential elements to creating an attractive and extravagant outdoor space. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s a great investment in your house.  Find ways in which you can use these elements to create a cozy open-air refuge made for relaxing and entertaining.

Outdoor Dining

Although outdoor kitchens can be pricey, they don’t have to be. A built-in gas grill is always a great option, but if it isn’t in your price range, a charcoal grill will also do the trick! Whether you’re having a few friends over or a huge get together with your family , you can find a variety of stylish outdoor dining tables and chairs to suit your needs.

Cozy Times with a Fireplace

The calendar might say it’s Spring, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Consider installing a custom-built or pre-fabricated fireplace so that you can cozy on up with your significant other on a cool, crisp Spring or Summer evening.

Water Creates a Peaceful Atmosphere

The sound of a mini waterfall is a soothing addition to your backyard oasis. Keep it simple with a tabletop fountain or get more elaborate with a professionally installed bubbling stream at the patio’s edge.

Roof Structure

A palapa, or thatched roof structure, also provides protection when it’s rainy, hot, bright and sunny. Call your local building or planning department to find out if you need a permit for a structure like this (in most communities you don’t need one). Electrical outlets for a fan, heater or other device usually require some type of authorization.

Outdoor Carpets

Incorporate earth tones into your accessories to connect them with nearby plantings, mulched beds and stonework. For example, outdoor carpets provide the indoor look outside. They’re made from a weather-resistant fabric that’s durable and won’t mildew. They’re easy to clean, and they dry quickly.

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